Facts about rat and mouse teeth

Rats and mice are common rodents that you will be able to find in your living spaces. They are not pleasant animals that you can keep around you. That’s because the rats and mice are known for their ability to spread diseases and lead you towards many other struggles. Hence, you need to be mindful about the population of rats and mice that you have in your house. While being mindful about the rat and mouse population, you need to pay your attention towards rat and mouse teeth as well. Then you will be able to uncover some surprising facts about them.

Teeth of rats never stop growing

The teeth of rats will never stop growing. This is something that you can commonly find among the rodents who live out there. Rats and mice are well known for the ability that they have in order to gnaw on different things. It has the ability to provide assistance to them with ensuring their survival. According to scientific experiments, it has been identified that the teeth of rats are growing at a pace of around five inches per year. They are chewing up on numerous things that they come across. Due to the same reason, there is a high possibility for wear down of teeth to take place as well. Rats and mice often prefer to gnaw on wood. On the other hand, you will be able to find them gnawing on many other materials, including paper, cinder blocks, lead and even aluminum sheeting.

TAll the rats have common teeth arrangement

You can find numerous rat and mice varieties out there in the world. Out of them, the brown rats, which are also known as Norway rats are the most popular. Then you can find roof rats and pack rats as well. All these different rat species are sharing the common teeth arrangement. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume the fact that teeth arrangement of the rats vary from one rat to another.

TRats and mice have solid and strong teeth

Another important characteristic that you can find in rat and mouse is that you will be able to find solid and strong teeth in them. These teeth are strong enough to get them cut through numerous materials that they come across. On the other hand, it can help them to ensure their survival as well. When you are having rats or mice at your home, you will notice how they have chewed down numerous items that you have around. They include soft materials such as paper and even electric wires. On the other hand, they will chew through the hard wood surfaces as well. This proves the strong nature of the teeth that rats have.

Teeth of rats carry rabies

When you are bitten by a rat or a mouse, there is a high possibility for you to get infected with rabies. That’s because the teeth of rats and mice carry rabies. Therefore, you should be extra careful not to be bitten by a rat or a mouse at home.

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